To take care of sewing needs, we have a setup of 1400 machines and a 2200 strong workforce. These are all geared to transform the cut fabric into a masterpiece with their in-depth knowledge of machine and fabric. Strict quality norms put in place by the company ensure that each garment passes all the international standards. Our training and monitoring of the workforce ensures that they remain motivated and challenged to deliver only the best.

We have five large production floors with a total of 57500 square feet (each floor having 11500 square feet)

Production capacity

  1. Sewing Line for fashionable item = 37 Line Per day Capacity 36,000 pcs. We Can Make Fashionable T-Shirt/ Polo-Shirt.
  2. Basic/ semi Fashion= 7 line Per day Capacity 12,600 pcs.

Daily production capacity is 60000 to 65000


AJI Group 226, Singair Road, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka-1340, Bangladesh