AJI Group

M.A.Jalil Ananta

Before I started My Company . I have prepared Myself as a hard worker and visionary leader. I started my profession as an Operator in Garments Industry to gain the Knowledge of ground level work and to get the knowledge of production in the decade of 80’s and 90’s. I set myself as a production Manager from the operator by achieving enormous improvised knowledge of production. Then I Felt myself capable of going to the International Fashion Arena and Opened a garment Factory and started AJI Apparels Industry Limited in the year 1996 in small scale.

From that small scale Industry I have my own premise and made companies Situated at Hemayetpur , Saver , Dhaka , Bangladesh. Those are FRM Fashion House Limited and Polo Composite Knit Industry Limited. Polo Composite Knit Industry has Knitting , Dyeing , Printing. Embroidery and Washing Unit. It’s a Total Composite Industry.

Never missing to realize the future challenges that lay ahead, AJI always had put all her efforts and means to master the best practices in all her manufacturing units on order to achieve professional competence and reliability.

My success also depend upon some more attributes like support of our principle , the team work and the mutual trust fostered within the organization. I have trained my company people bases on my knowledge and they also improvised the knowledge in their way to provide company better service and loyalty to the client.

In an ever changing world, We have the confidence to meet future challenges with more promises to offer.

M.A. Jalil Ananta



AJI Group 226, Singair Road, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka-1340, Bangladesh